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henrissat / cephai
henrissat / cephai
henrissat / cephai

"I shoot few minutes scenes of those perfect places: the ones that I usually like to walk through, the ones I discover by change, the ones I feel they have a real inspiration strength and the special scenes from specifics requests. More than all, visual aspect of the moment is important.

1 My phone is my videographic assistant. I set its camera to make sure the computer will get in trouble while reading the shoot. A captor is recording more information than we as human can see from one side to the other side.

2 The computer is processing its own reality and mine is called Mu Cephaï. At this point I'm its assistant while it is digging into the different part of its memory and giving us different side of a same pictorial result... it is given the best of it-self giving us crucible of our senses like a Mozart or jazz pieces.

3 There, I choose from the cursorily bugs, the best of them. Sometimes I let one of this infinite perfection moment pass by and it is too late, I didn't get time to freeze this moment. it is a tear it is difficult to manage in the spiral of those performances from which I am the boatman. Sometimes I make the choice not to freeze the picture and I regret.

What you see is unique and cannot be done twice."

henrissat / cephai
henrissat / cephai
There are several ways to view these canvas:

- An exclusive box containing the / video scenes (s) complete (s) associated with paintings and signed, including the original video, the soundtrack after the video source, the unique authentication certificate (copy [order ] or 5 copies [stories from exhibition])

- A self-ruling canvas signed, slightly backlit by a LED system with solar panels in the frame and more, including the soundtrack from the source video, the authentication certificate (single copy of a scene).

- L90 single copy 5mm custom diasec-like signed, 90*50 (61,5) and 5,5cm frame, including the soundtrack from the source video and the authentication certificate.

- L50 limited edition to 25 3mm custom diasec-like signed, 50*27,5 (34) and 3cm frame,with the authentication certificate.


henrissat / cephai
henrissat / cephai
In these pictorial shots there is the idea of ​​movement in several directions:

- The replacement of analog reproduction processes such as painting by spontaneous digital processes providing some idea of enchantments.

- The computer is not only a support. It anticipates equally with its human extension.

- Neither the picture or painting can bring much a motion. This is a big difference. Neither video can bring such a wealth by its very nature: frozen in a linear and logical time-line from one image to another.

Videopictural creates bridges that are connected the objective, the subjective and the suggested sides of a same subject.

erhaps is this a new area is analogical computing.


henrissat / cephai