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  Videopictural inspiration for those numeric canvas


For the sake of describing the real as the sole representation of its visual palette, the eye is enriched by what we see from the inside. Everything was created in art? Well, yes and no. We take part (normally) , we implement ourselves for defining mutations broader needs of our understanding. This is to say that we are pushing the trend towards more and more complex forms of life , consciously or unconsciously , through the opportunities' knowledge of all our senses.

This is only possible when we ask the right question and we try to respond by exceeding established frameworks , with strength, confidence and respect for curiosity.


Artists that inspired post-creation Videopictural , in order of importance :


Expressionisme in the first place: Jackson Pollock for the abstract expressionism aspect, Van Gogh for his figurative approach , Paul Klee for its simplicity and intrinsic desire to move towards surrealism .


Fauvisme to approach the color of the contour line of the boundary of the color , such as done by Maurice de Vlamink or George Braque .


A touch of Impressionisme: Claude Monet especially for the integration of landscape character when he made ​​did not paint portraits or group scenes , and also for his inspiration midway between nature and culture. A hint of Robert Antoine Pinchon especially when painted landscapes as " Haystack " or " Landscape ".

Artistic background:


In the 70 ' to 90' , the Simulationistes said that the real truth was more perceptible. Sherrine Levine saw in the daily simulation, something other than plagiarism. By questioning the purpose of the forms and the system of representation, they were wobbling the alleged "truth" they were supposed to be returned as an artist and human. It remained then was the imitation of a daily scene or nature which could not therefore be embraced in all its complexity by the eye . In this continuity, we can say that imitation also protects from what's next. Question steep : What's happening after then ? Well "after" is trapped somewhere between essentialist minimalism and ultra-high resolution . Between somewhere the "great" first and the "absolute" detail.


In the videopictural approach , there is something from the 50' Tachisme as the painting of Jean-Pierre Riopelle. There is of course something reminds Zao Wou-ki and the wider current Lyrical Abstraction. The difference between the videopictural approach is a willingness to make sense . Individual meaning and organic or inorganic staff that can be shared but in any case imposed by a group.


It is as if the computer by its servant , namely me in that case, showed , as in Abstract Expressionisme, Tachisme or Lyrical Abstraction, spontaneity and a willingness to give everything of itself and therefore give meaning without necessarily wanting to. This is what the machine makes. In continuation of kinetic art also called cybernetics which developed at a time when science and scientific speculation inciting dreams and creation instead of religion, we are disillusioned by the slow motion of the System to give us what we should to enjoy the advantage of living in good intelligence. Nicolas Schöffer defined by its current " awareness of the vital process that maintains balance in all phenomena". Videopictural approach states that the "inside" of things that can transform the body and that is what we are trying to show here by a symphony of spirits, ghosts, remodeling actually performed by Mu .

 The desired direction by Citationisme the 80' was crucial for future e-paintings and videopictural is necessarily a descendant through the expression that I chose. Gerard Garouste saw in the work of art, a personal association images, as reminiscences. He will stop me if I'm wrong but he created his own one but lack the complete control by choice. This is what I share with this current in the method.


Figurative painting creates an enigma beyond what it actually represents. This is why it should not just be cosmetic only as recommended by the Fauvisme ( Decorative innovation) but we question intellectually, culturally and we must not be afraid to lead us astray ... and reinvent ourselves .


Here we change the material , the actors and the method to reinvent reflection and representation rather traditional media because everything has already been done ... really ? ...

If interested, art lovers and galleries

To the worshipers of enjoyment

Techniques become controlled by pretext and satisfaction is my fetish to use the Apollonian left brain, which has the binary rationality of a sequencer, and hugging it with the right brain of talking, screaming, whispering adjectives... Idiom life of desires and excesses.

...Until the firmament, close to the stars, achieving something... and doing it again and again.

This style of art that I think is deep and original, I want to share it because it is above the simple things of this world because it is not derived solely from oneself.

But because all shared emotions are selfish, this work has a sense of purpose: self abstraction ... and evolution...

henrissat / cephai
henrissat / cephai